Who am I?

My name is Silvia. I am 43. I am a mom of two boys. I believe that what we eat is a matter of life and death. I believe that what we eat very much affects how we feel and how we look like. I also believe, that the right food can prevent a disease, heal it or reverse it. Therefore it makes sense for me to write about it and spread the good news. 😊


Autor silviamak

I am a lawyer, wife and mom of two kids. Since I was little, I seemed to easily gain weight. So basically, my whole life I used to try various diets and sports. There somewhere my sincere interest for health and food was born. I read many books and hundreds of Internet pages, I own many cook books, but it is still not clear to me ... I am not a doctor, nor a bio-chemist, maybe one day I will be a nutritionist ... at least to my family and dear friends ... I might even get a diploma in nutrition.

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